Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

The term geriatrics originates from two Greek terms “old man” (γέρων / geron) and “doctor” (ἰατρός / iatros). It basically is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases that affect old people. A geriatric nurse practitioner has the responsibility of offering medical assistance to old individuals. Treating elderly individuals require special skills and a specific approach […]

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

The work of a neonatal nurse practitioner involves offering medical assistance to newborns. The term neonatal is a Greek term that simply means new born. The term neos means young while natus means born. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner The neonatal nurse’s work involves offering medical assistance to premature babies and infants who have cardiovascular, respiratory or […]

Nurse Practitioner Certification

Before taking on any nurse practitioner certification, you must first complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is possible when fresh from high school or after undertaking a diploma or Associate Degree in nursing. The degree grants you registration as a nurse. Thereafter, a masters or doctorate degree is required. Any of these degrees will […]

Nurse Practitioner Job Description

If you are thinking about being an official nurse practitioner, it might be useful to know what a typical nurse practitioner job description is. When it comes to the nursing profession, a nurse can be made referenced to as many professionals like a licensed vocational/ practical nurse, registered nurse, nurse educator, clinical nurse specialist and so on. […]

Nurse Practitioner Salary Michigan

In the U.S. state Michigan, in May 2013, $89,290 per year (considering that a full-time year has 2.080 hours of work, this value corresponds to $42.93 per hour) was the average nurse practitioner salary. Michigan also provided a median pay of $88,760 per year for this health care profession, as mentioned on, the official website of […]

Nurse Practitioner Salary Florida

In May 2013, in Florida, $91,070 per year (that is $43.78 per hour, for a full-time year, of 2,080 hours of work) was the annual (respective the hourly) average nurse practitioner salary. Florida had the median wage (i.e. the 50th percentile wage) for this occupation at the value $88,080 per year, according to the US Bureau of […]

Nurse Practitioner Salary California

The national mean wage of the nurse practitioners (NPs) working in the USA was, in May 2013, $95,070 per year (i.e. $45.71 per hour), as mentioned on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics official website. But, in different U.S. states there are different values of the average nurse practitioner salary. California, for example, offered (in May 2013) […]